Never leave out this exquisite location when planning to spend your vacations in Greece. During the summers, many people spend their time on the sunny beaches on this resort because of all the exciting activities and memories. When the sun is too hot, there are plenty of umbrellas and sun beds for hire. This ensures that all the people are enjoying their time while basking on the sun playing the beach volleyball. Ipsos is also an ideal place for family vacations because the waters are shallow thus they are safe even when left to look after themselves.

Since the beach is located far from the road, there are toilets, changing cabins and showers nearby to facilitate convenience. Most of the beaches are flat with shingle and pebbles. With fishing trips in Corfu, this activity is carried out well for those who are interested. There are many boats for hire for people who want to try some water sport activities. There are also plenty of bars where people go to cool themselves with cool drinks. Ipsos is quite big to tour it but with private boat trips in Corfu, people get a chance to see all the interesting features in this island.