Kalami is a bay well known for hosting couples and families. Located on the north east of Corfu, this destination has some of the best beaches in Greece. North east Corfu boat trips have made it possible for many people to tour the bay and view the mesmerizing sea life and island landscape at different angles. What more would ask from all that? These beautiful beaches are strategically located and are found near the crystal clear waters with fine sands.

Kalami is an ideal place for family vacations because all kinds of fun activities for both the young and adults are provided. Water sports such as safe swimming, skiing are just some few examples that one can try. For the adults, boat riding is an amazing sport offered and they should try it. Most of the boats are for hire but still private boat trips in Corfu are enjoyable especially when one is with his or her family. There are also many hotels in Kalami which are located near the beaches where everything is provided. The services provided are of high quality and spacious rooms are in plenty.