When it comes to spending your vacations in style, don’t think too hard, Kerasia has it all for you. This is one of the many exquisite beaches in Greece which provides all types of fun activities. Fishing is definitely is one of the activities that most people would like to try especially when a trip. In this elegant location, fishing trips in Corfu makes it easier and safe for people who are interested in harvesting these sea creatures to give it a shot. After enjoying the cool sea breeze and the wonderful scene of arriving and leaving boats, one gets to cool him or herself in the five star hotels nearby.

There are also low-key discos and bars where people drain the heat with some cold soft drinks. When in Kerasia, never worry about travelling from one place to another because private boat trips in Corfu provide effective movement around the beach and to the hotel rooms safely. Just like the other beaches, villas found in Kerasia look amazing, their architectural forms are captivating to always observe.