This is one of the best islands in Greece where many people and especially tourists flock every year. Komeno is known for its luxurious hotels and villas which are in plenty. Their architectural forms are amazing and worth looking at. For travelling purposes, north east Corfu boat trips are very essential. Some people end up spending quite a lot of money on hiring boats but with private boat trips in Corfu ensures that one spends considerable.

With the sunny flat beaches in Komeno, there are many fun activities that one can try out. Boat riding, beach football and volleyball and skiing are easily carried out. The shallow waters are also appropriate for people with young children because they won’t have to always check upon them. Have you ever tried fishing when on your vacation? If never, then travel to Komena and try out some fishing. There are many boats on hire which one can easily go and harvest these sea creatures with friends but also, fishing trips in Corfu often come in handy when one has fallen out of options.