When thinking about a place to visit, always consider what are some of the interesting activities will you do there for you to have unforgettable memories about the place? After getting an answer to this question, then consider a small fishing village known as Kouloura. Even though it’s quite smaller, the features and activities found in it will always linger in your mind. This is an ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. Many people are yet to know about it so one should grab the chance and tour it to have some free private moments.

Kouloura is also a working harbor because the locals fish a lot thus people get a chance to see them as they carry on with their activities. For the few who might be interested with fishing for fun, fishing trips in Corfu provides the best facilities and people to look over you. Talking a walk around this harbor is a good idea since one gets a chance to view the beautiful scenery. For those who might be interested in seeing more with their loved ones, they should know that private boat trips in Corfu makes that possible for all.